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Creating harrasment free abortion care spaces and CHOICE affirming support structures.

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Here is an easier way to complete our volunteer information packet.  Prior to your first clinic visit, please complete the downloadable forms and email to, or complete and print the physical forms to turn in upon arrival.  Please note, due to the sensitive nature of clinic spaces, we cannot allow you inside the clinic without completion of these forms and a copy of your identification.  Thank you for showing up against clinic harassment and keeping our patients, care providers and your fellow escorts safe, supported, and affirmed.  Clinic Escorts Are Heroes .

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Changing the face, space and experience of abortion

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From providers to patients, we are here to support you.  Everyone is a HERO here.  Let us help.  Email us for more info:

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Changing the face, space and experience of abortion

In This Together Project


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Reclaim Project

RECLAIM is committed to supporting women who choose abortion, encouraging communities to recognize the moral agency of women to make the decision whether or not to parent, and to challenge harmful policies, laws, and proposed legislation that would otherwise increase the barriers and stigma around abortion care. We join with many to say ENOUGH.  

Northland Family Planning

A Michigan-Based Abortion Care and Women's Health Clinic

A Michigan-Based Abortion Care and Women's Health Clinic

WE BELIEVE the world is a better place when women have the freedom
to make their own decisions regarding their bodies, reproductive options
and sexuality. We PROMISE to honor this mission each and every day.


Toll-Free Talkline
M-Fri 10-1am, Sa-Su 10-6 EST

All-Options, formerly Backline, uses direct service and social change strategies to promote unconditional, judgment-free support for people in all of their decisions, feelings, and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. We recognize that these issues are complex, but one thing is certain: Everyone deserves to have all options.

Live Light Doula Services

Live Light Doula Services offers nonjudgmental emotional, educational, and physical support through the pregnancy, birth process, and/or early postpartum period. Live Light Doula Services trusts that you know what's best for your family. Your doula will be there for you completely through this journey.

Choice Adoption Agency

We believe in the beauty of people who have chosen adoption selecting the Family by Choice or other waiting family meant for their child, based on love and trust. Choosing Choice Network means you believe in open adoption and a culture of honor between families that creates healthy, happy children. We look forward to coming alongside you as you walk this journey, full of love, support and ongoing relationship, whether you're choosing to create an adoption plan, or are building your family.